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Aaron Pisacane 22 Jul 2021 2 min read

Einstein Higher Edu Solutions - Market Leader, "There is another another 44% of opportunity to improve from here."

Aaron Pisacane is taking his 26 years of experience in private student loans, including recently as Chief Credit Officer of the largest student loan lender, to help hardworking students pay for college. His new company exists to modernize the underwriting process of private student loans.

The market leader for private student loans stated that their 56% market share can only grow based on the state of competition

2021Q2 Earnings Call Transcript Q/A

[_________] -- Analyst

Got it. Got it. And then just following up around the competitive landscape, and you mentioned your market share increased by eight percentage points to 56%. How much more room is there to increase from there? if you could just talk about the landscape? Thanks.

[_________] -- Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. Look, it's a great question. I mean I think the flip answer is, there's another 44 percentage points of opportunity to improve there. But obviously, we're never going to be 100% market share players, [     ]. I think at the end of the day, what we are seeing in the marketplace is, I would call sort of a modest competitive, but generally positive competitive dynamic. We are not seeing sort of people introduce massive new product features that we would have to respond to, that we would think are maybe not in the sort of customer or the industry's best interest. We are not yet seeing pricing -- sort of irrational pricing decisions to any large degree.

Einstein Higher Edu Solutions provides the 'massive new product features' to give you the edge

By looking at the accomplishments of college students and other relevant risk factors, access to credit is opened up at acceptable interest rates to students and acceptable risk levels to lenders. Einstein Higher Edu Solutions seeks to be a catalyst to society by powering diversity and inclusion in our economic system.  Einstein gives you the edge that you need to gain market share instead of continuing to give up market share. 

Don’t let your traditional underwriting models remain obstacles to hardworking students in realizing their dreams.  Visit our website  to learn how Einstein Higher Edu Solutions can help you.