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Einstein is working with lenders to give college students credit for their achievements.

We are building a loan program that will be available by the 2022/2023 academic year that will be based on the student’s academic accomplishments and future income from field of study.


Einstein believes that your college credits matter when a lender determines your interest rate.

We believe hardworking students deserve credit when lenders set the interest rate of your loan.  Its not fair that lenders put all of the credit on the parent cosigner.  Especially when you have an established academic track record and a chosen field of study that is in demand in the marketplace.  Our risk model helps lenders understand your risk profile to potentially help you get a better interest rate. 

The problem with the current system

Traditional lenders only care about your cosigner’s credit history and employment income to qualify you for a loan. Lenders ignore your academic accomplishments. We believe they are mistaken to overlook your credentials. 

Ignores student’s academics Your hard earned college credits count for nothing for other lenders.
Cosigner burnout Lenders lack sympathy for cosigners that need cosign every year for you.
Employment income is required Lenders require employed cosigners with sufficient income to qualify you for a loan.
Hardworking students left behind About half the students that apply for a private student loan do not qualify and many times are not able to complete college.

We believe a student is more than a credit score. We believe society benefits when hardworking students in majors that are in demand in the marketplace degrees.

Einstein Higher Edu Solutions promises to carefully review your academic track record when most other lenders are unwilling to fully understand your accomplishments.


Advantages of our model

Your academic accomplishments matter We will review your academic track record.
Your field of study matters We understand that your future income will be driven in a large part on your field of study.
We will not let you over-borrow We will let you know if your future income after college cannot support all of your student loan debt that it will take to earn a degree.
Hardworking students will not be left behind We will make every effort to provide a loan to you if you have demonstrated an established academic track record and are in a field of study that is in demand by employers.

How does it work?

We will evaluate your college transcript. We will review your field of study.
We will ensure that your projected future income can support all of your student loan payments.

Icon_Performance Based on a student’s academic performance
Icon_FieldsOfStudy Based on a student’s field of study
Icon_EntrySalary Based on the student’s future entry salary
Icon_Payback Based the student’s projected ability to payback total student loan debt over college career

As a student, what you will get?

You will qualify for a student loan without us ever asking for a cosigner.
If you do not qualify, we will tell you why.
  • Qualify for college funding on your own.
  • Instantaneous results when you complete the application.
  • Reduce the burden of borrowing on your parents.

Are you a college student that needs our product?

We will inform you when the program is up and running. Tell your friends that need options as well.